Terrenus Earth Sciences is a small environmental consultancy established by Dr. Ian Swane in early 2008, primarily servicing the mining sector. We are located in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) and we provide expertise in environmental earth sciences. Our core competencies are environmental geology and geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry and project management of environmental projects.
Terrenus Earth Sciences adopts a pragmatic multi-disciplinary approach to problem identification and resolution on a project-by-project basis. This strategy permits the development of realistic, cost-effective and appropriate solutions to environmental problems in a broad variety of environmental and cultural settings.
A key part of our success is our open style of client engagement and our flexibility, willingness and timeliness to adapt to changing project needs. We maintain a small client base by placing greater value on establishing long-term relationships and developing mutual trust and respect with our clients.

Our Experience

We have a strong technical background in environmental geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry developed through practical mine-site, international consulting and academic experience. We have direct and relevant experience in environmental and earth science issues associated with base metal, precious and semi-precious metal, iron ore, coal and mineral sand resources.
Our personnel have managed and participated in projects for private-sector, government and non-government organisations throughout Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, Pacific Islands and Europe.  We routinely work with small and large teams including engineers, scientists, technicians, economists, planners, managers and legal departments. Our ability to seamlessly integrate with site and corporate personnel ensures a good practical understanding of the value of multi-disciplinary teams.

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