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Terrenus Earth Sciences is able to provide tailored professional services to exploration, mining, civil, oil & gas and consulting companies in the fields of environmental geology and geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry and environmental management.

We have direct and relevant experience in environmental and earth science issues for a broad range of mineral commodities in a variety of geographic areas throughout Australia and internationally.  Our expertise also includes the civil sector (environmental assessment of excavated waste rock) and oil and gas sector (environmental assessment of drill-cuttings, drilling fluids, dewatering solids and associated rehabilitation of well sites and solids disposal pits).

Our core business is providing technical earth science expertise for pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments, environmental impact assessments (and similar environmental regulatory approval processes), due-diligence assessments, operational sites and closure & rehabilitation planning.

The environmental geochemical characterisation and assessment of mineral waste (mining waste) materials, such as waste rock and tailings, is a cornerstone of our business.  Although typically associated with mining, such assessments are generally a regulatory requirement for all projects where significant quantities of geologic materials (soil and/or rock) will be disturbed and/or processed.  This includes not only mines but also quarries and major civil earthworks projects.  Hence, the term ‘mine waste’ is a bit limiting and the term ‘mineral waste’ is preferred – and encompasses all industries.

Mineral waste assessments enable our clients to understand the potential environmental (and health) risks associated with their mineral waste materials.  Such risks may include acid, metalliferous and/or saline drainage.  By understanding the potential risks, appropriate planning and management options can be considered, costed and implemented to minimise and/or mitigate the risks.

Terrenus Earth Sciences has extensive experience in mineral waste characterisation and environmental geochemical assessments for mines, quarries, exploration projects, coal-fired power station ash, oil and gas drilling wastes, civil earthworks and similar industrial activities where mineral wastes are generated.  Our services include:

  • Data filtering and assessment, geostatistical analysis and literature review;
  • Sample program design and sample collection;
  • Laboratory liaison, analytical method development and QA/QC assessments;
  • Static and kinetic geochemical characterisation and assessment of waste rock (incl. coal mining spoil), process solid wastes (eg. tailings, ash) and ore;
  • Conceptual design of mineral waste storage facilities (eg. waste rock dumps, tailings storage facilities, coal reject and ash disposal);
  • Closure planning of waste rock dumps and tailings storage facilities;
  • Communication and presentation to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Reporting and technical writing services;
  • Peer review for internal and external stakeholders.

Terrenus Earth Sciences has expertise in hydrochemistry and hydrogeochemistry focussing on water quality characterisation and assessment of groundwater, surface water and process water for the mining, oil & gas, industrial and agricultural sectors.  Our services include:

  • Groundwater and surface water quality assessments;
  • Operating pit, final pit void and underground mine water quality assessments;
  • Hydrogeochemical modelling and water-rock interaction processes;
  • Water quality management for groundwater and surface water systems;
  • Design and establishment of groundwater, surface water and stream-sediment monitoring programs for mining and industrial projects; including groundwater bore design and installation, baseline data collection, data assessment and reporting to internal or external stakeholders.

Terrenus Earth Sciences provides clients and consulting firms with project management services.  Our services typically include:

  • Provision of Environmental Management Plans for mineral waste management (eg. environmental management plans for operational management of waste rock dumps, tailings storage facilities, coal rejects emplacement areas, power station ash management, etc.);
  • Assisting consulting firms or corporate teams with the management and execution of environmental-related projects, such as assisting with the management and execution of environmental impact assessments or closure planning for mining projects;
  • Undertaking locum roles within environmental, engineering, geology and planning departments to assist with the management and execution of specific projects or general day-to-day environmental management, such as complying with licence conditions or corporate environmental standards;
  • Assisting clients from all sectors with environmental planning and assessments, and managing and mitigating their environmental risks.
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